Between cutting, coloring, serving customers, and running a business, it might seem impossible to squeeze in time for writing, much less coming up with interesting hair salon blog ideas. As we are in unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now time to get creative with your salon marketing. Content creation is incredibly important for your business and it goes beyond posting pictures of your fabulous work on social media. Maintaining an up-to-date blog on your website can keep your website fresh, engage your current and potential customers, and also benefit your search engine optimization (SEO).

While we’re all forced to stay home, provide your consumers with content and hair related activities they can do from the safety of their homes. This is a great way to maintain your loyal customer base and maybe find some additional followers and future clients. Google also happens to appreciate a relevant blog with quality information, and you just so happen to be the expert in your field. Even if you aren’t a trained marketer, coming up with good content doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to figure out what to post on your salon’s blog and keep your cliental informed and engaged while you’re unable to be there for them in the shop.


Identify & Evaluate Style Trends

You’re the expert in hair care, so share new trends that are emerging in the industry. Whether it’s silver color, the newest “it” haircut, or simply a new range of products that are making the market buzz, let your customers in on what’s hot and what’s next. Offer creative online look books to users to plan their next hair style when quarantine is over – or provide them creative DIY at home hair styles they can do themselves. Users are always searching for fun braid tutorials or new ways to style their hair – you can provide the content users are looking for. Adding tutorials, videos, images or step-by-step guides to your recommendations can further enhance your content.


Examples of Hair Trend Blogs


Follow the News

Pay attention to what’s going on in the news. Spike in the rise of births? Craft a blog about simple hairstyles for new moms and tie it back to the headline. Are people spending less on professional salon services? Write a blog explaining why neglecting your hair can be more expensive in the long run and how to be as frugal as possible while maintaining consistent services. Or take for example the coronavirus pandemic, check out these creative ways to inform users how to deal with their hair while at home – or what not to do to their hair while stuck at home.


 Examples of Relevant Blog Topics


Get Social With Your Audience

It’s likely that your salon has a social media following and that you interact with those followers. Social media is where salons draw new clients in with examples of their stunning work. It’s also likely that your followers pose questions about services or even issues they may be experiencing. This information is a gold mine for hair salon blog ideas! Take a few questions that share a similar theme and dedicate a blog post to them. You’ll not only be providing helpful information, you’ll also take social media interaction to the next level. An additional take away from your social accounts if one of your posts seems to get more traffic and interactions then another, can it be turned into a blog on your site? Have a host of before and after pictures on your social that people enjoy? Turn this into a blog post to have one location for all of your most popular before and after. Get creative with your social posting and the blog ideas will keep coming as well.


Creative Salon Social Media Marketing


Highlight Go-To Beauty Products

What do you and your artists use every day? This type of content can go beyond what’s available for purchase in your salon, though some of that should be included and promoted as well. Ask your staff their must-haves when it comes to beauty and hair care and compile a list or feature a different artist each month with their recommendations. This gives your clients a chance to meet the team and also find new products they might love, too.

Marketing goes beyond hair salon blog ideas, and it starts with a beautiful website. Salon Search Party offers a variety of affordable salon template websites that can be customized to fit your brand. Contact us today to learn more!