During the height of quarantine when most salons across the country were shut down, internet searches for “gray hair blending” and similar terms were at an all-time high, with many people scrambling to figure out how to treat their hair at home. This search term is still ranking high as many people either haven’t made it back to the salon for various reasons or have opted to let their grays grow out. You can leverage this increased internet search traffic to your advantage! If you offer gray hair blending services, here are some ways you can try to draw more traffic to your website and your salon.

Blog About It

Show your expertise by writing a blog about the services you offer regarding gray hair. Gray hair blending is something that many customers may not know much about, so tell them what you offer and what they can expect with these services. People who have decided to grow out their gray hair may not realize that they don’t have to do it cold turkey. Blog about the blending and toning techniques that you use to help soften gray demarcation lines and make for a stunning result. Provide information on how to appropriately care for gray and color-treated hair at home and note the products you sell in your salon that would work best for these customers.

Update Your Website

It’s important that your website is up-to-date with all the services you offer. Do you have before and after photos of your gray hair blending services? If so, get them posted on your website. People love being able to see what you can do. Also, make sure your services menu lists the gray hair options you offer as well as your recommended silver hair products. You could even offer special packages that include complimentary trial products that are exclusive to customers who find your salon through your website and subsequently book a gray hair services.

Get Social

Finally, curate some social media posts about your gray hair blending services, including before and after photos. Update your Google My Business listing to reflect these services specifically. Doing those two things will help build awareness about the fact that your salon is an expert in these kinds of services. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags on your posts about your salon’s services for gray hair.

Putting these tactics in place will help increase the chances that clients in your area who are considering growing out their gray will be able to easily find you in search results and see from your posts that they can trust your work. If you’re looking for more ways to attract clients, Salon Search Party can help you with these and other SEO strategies. Contact us today to learn more!