Hair salon customer service has radically changed over the past year. While hair salon customer service has always been a top priority, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new world for hair. Additional precautions must be taken in order to serve our clients safely and effectively. How is your salon addressing this “new normal” now that salons have reopened? Here are some ways that you can ensure your customer service is set to exceed expectations in this new era of hair care.

Virtual Consults

Existing or new clients may not feel comfortable being in the salon for an extended period of time. By offering virtual consults, your staff can reduce the amount of time a client needs to be in the chair. Your stylist can get a sense of what the client is looking for before they even step foot in the door.

Proactive Communication

Communication is key during these uncertain times. Make sure your clients understand your salon’s safety protocols. Allow your clients to feel comfortable coming in to receive services and know what’s expected of them when they do. Provide plenty of hand sanitizer and even have back-up masks on hand in case a client forgets theirs. Your goal is to protect your staff and your clients, which you should make clear to anyone entering your salon.

Next, let clients know if there are any services or perks that you may not be offering currently due to safety concerns. If longtime clients expect something that used to be a standard part of their service and do not receive it, that may not sit well. As long as you’re up-front and clear, most people are understanding.

Safety First

Make sure that your clients know that their safety and comfort is your priority. Encourage your stylists to talk with clients about what they are comfortable with. Would they prefer not to talk as much during appointments? Would they rather forego a blow-dry and style after a cut? Make sure your staff is asking your clients what they are comfortable with when they come in for services. Remind them that you’re trying to protect your staff as well.

Taking a few extra steps to ensure excellent hair salon customer service during these times is key in keeping everyone healthy and happy. Hair salon customer service is always important but showing people that we’re all in this together is even more crucial now. If you need help updating your marketing or website to reflect COVID changes, or simply just for a refresh, contact us today!