Take a look at any community and you’re sure to find multiple salons, that fit every style and wallet, among the many local businesses. That’s because salons are a vital part of every neighborhood. From weddings and celebrations to job interviews and work to every day appearances and just for fun, the neighborhood salon is a trusted resource.

If you’re looking to serve as one of your community’s trusted hair salons, there are several important factors to consider before you open your doors. These helpful tips will put you on the right path so you can successfully open your own salon.

Tip #1: Have a Clear Vision of Your Salon and Who Your Customers Will Be

Before you welcome customers into your salon, you need to determine what your point of difference will be. One community can support numerous salons but you should not expect to be everything to everyone. Will you specialize in a specific type of service? Are you focused on a high volume of clients at a value price point or will you cater to a high end clientele? Understanding this will be vital in marketing and attracting the right clientele. You have to know exactly which services you’re going to offer them.

Understanding your vision will also help you better understand your staffing, equipment and rental space needs.

    Tip #2: Find the Right Location

    When it comes to choosing the right location for your salon business, there are lots of things to consider.

    When you tour each property, you need to take measurements to ensure that there is enough space for multiple stations, shampoo chairs, storage cabinets, a reception desk, waiting area, etc. Ask the property manager if any salons previously occupied the space. If not, you may need to upgrade the space with additional electrical outlets, pipes and water lines that are required for the various pieces of equipment. Your state board of cosmetology can provide you with mandatory space requirements.

    Your salon also has to be convenient and easily accessible to your target customers. Which of the available properties offer the best foot and/or vehicle traffic and onsite parking? Do the neighboring businesses complement your salon? While some may be enticing to your clients (apparel shops) others may conflict with the welcoming and calming atmosphere you’re trying to create (restaurants that may be noisy or fill your salon with unpleasant aromas).

    Most importantly, you want to be positive that you can afford the lease before you sign on the line.

    Tip #3: Spreading the Word

    You have the right location and an excellent staff ready to provide your full list of services – but nobody knows you’re open! If you wish to avoid this scenario, then you have to build buzz in advance of your opening.

    Creating a custom website that’s user friendly and easy to find during online searches is a great first step in spreading the word about your new salon. You’ll want to make sure the site looks great, is easy to navigate and has all of the pertinent information your clients want to know (street address, hours of operation, parking info, full list of services, email, phone number, etc).

    You’ll also want to help drive traffic to your website (and your salon) by establishing a presence on social media. Creating business accounts on the most popular social media platforms and offering relevant content (pictures of your store, staff, services, before and after images, etc) is a great way to spread the word about your business.

    Tip #4: Get Advice From An Expert

    Perhaps the best piece of advice we can offer a new salon owner is this: when in doubt, ask an expert. The best guidance a budding salon owner can receive is courtesy of someone who has already excelled in this service.

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