We’re all navigating a new normal during this pandemic and that goes for stylists, too! From shutting down shop to opening back up and everything in between, there has been a lot of uncharted territory to traverse. Have your stylists been keeping up-to-date on trends that have emerged during the shutdown? Here are some ways that you and your stylists can keep up with COVID hair trends to keep your returning clients happy and fashionable.


Seasonal Trends

Trends in hair come and go with the seasons. During the warmer months, clients typically want lighter colors while during fall they go for darker shades. Among COVID hair trends this fall, is a focus on more low-maintenance color. People are staying closer to their natural hue to avoid lengthy or frequent hair appointments. One trend that has emerged is face-framing color. This is a more low-maintenance option that still provides a boost but is more cost-effective. People are also using techniques like balayage, ombre coloring, and highlights to keep looking like themselves but allowing for longer time between appointments.


Social Media

Make sure that you and your stylists are keeping up with trends through social media. Many of your clients are probably finding new things they want to try through social media, so meet them where they are. Instagram is probably the best resource where you can follow salons and stylists who post about new trends and products to ensure you’re providing what your clients want.



Beyond keeping up on the latest COVID hair trends, you should encourage your staff to seek out additional training. Because trends come and go, some of your staff may not know how to appropriately perform new processes. Providing your staff with additional training opportunities can set your salon apart from the competition and solidify your client base during these uncertain times.


Market Yourself

Make sure that your current and potential clients know that you and your staff are up-to-date on the latest COVID hair trends. Marketing your skills and knowledge is key in booking new appointments during a time when many people are opting to spend less time and money on self-care outside the home.

•Keep your social media platforms and website updated with any new services or promotions that you’re offering.
Promote your current before-and-after work on social media and encourage staff to do the same on their own personal platforms.
•Make sure to keep your website updated with current pictures of your work and content about new trends in hair care.
•Include updated safety practices information that highlights what your salon is doing to protect clients during the pandemic. Make sure people can easily find information on what protocols you have in place and what is expected of them as well.
•As always, make it easy for current and potential clients to contact you for more information or to book an appointment.

COVID hair trends may have people coming into the salon less often, so make sure that they know you offer exactly what they need in a safe, welcoming environment. If you’re looking to update your salon website or to get more clients on the books, let us help!