Making sure your salon is constantly bringing in new clients can feel like a struggle these days. Many prospective clients take to the internet to find the best place to get their next color treatment or blowout, so it’s important to have a great website to draw in your target audience. Salon websites are a crucial part of marketing yourself, as it can be the first impression a client gets about your business. Here are 4 ways to keep your website fresh in order to impress your potential clients.


1. Maintain a Modern, Up-to-Date Salon Website Design

Providing a fresh, contemporary site for your audience is very important in the salon industry. After all, this industry is all about looks. When clients visit a site that pays attention to details and aesthetics but is still easy to browse, they can trust that your salon will operate the same way. It’s recommended that salon websites get an update every 2 to 3 years, ensuring that your users will perceive your site as cutting-edge. Design updates every few years will also inform search engines that you value user experience on your website and you stay current with advances in technology, both of which will help your rankings in search results.


2. Post Updated Content About Your Salon

Be sure that you’re posting updated content to your salon website to signal freshness to both potential clients and search engines. If users come back to your site and notice a new blog post or video, they’ll be more inclined to spend time on your site and, ideally, schedule an appointment with you before they leave. Even short sections of new text on your existing pages—things as simple as product features or bios for new staff members—can be a great way to freshen the content on your site, letting search engines know that you are prioritizing user experience by providing the most accurate and current information about your salon.


3. Regularly Post Blogs

Try to provide regular blog content for your salon website as well. Discuss current trends in the industry, talk about techniques that your stylists are trained in, or present upcoming specials or events at your salon. Keeping a regular blog schedule entices your audience to come back for more, shows them that your business is reliable about staying on top of the latest style trends, and tells search engines that you have authority as an expert in your field. One word of caution: Quality is more important than quantity. It would be better to post monthly blogs that have more content and are more useful for your users than weekly blogs that are haphazardly thrown together with little substance.


4. Keep Salon Specials Current

If your salon features monthly or seasonal specials, be sure to always feature them on your website. If a potential client comes to your site for the first time, they’ll love knowing that they can get a deal if they choose to schedule their beauty services with you. Make sure you keep these updated, though, or you could end up with some very unhappy customers when they learn the deal on your site is no longer running.

If this all sounds like a lot to stay on top of, Salon Search Party can help. Not only can we create an entirely new salon website for your business, but we can also help with monthly search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to get more customers in the door. We help keep your content fresh and optimized to boost your search engine rankings. This helps gain more visibility for your site and, ultimately, add more clients in your salon chairs. Reach out to us today to schedule a FREE digital marketing evaluation.