Using social media marketing for hair salons is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. A majority of new clients research a salon and their work before even picking up the phone to contact them for an appointment. Social media is one of the ways clients can find you and also a very simple way to promote your business and stylists for little to no monetary investment. From Insta to Facebook and beyond, here are some ways that you should be using social media marketing for your salon.


Consider the Type of Content

Think of your social media platforms as a mini-website. People are going to check out your social media to find what they want to know and may never actually go to your website, so be sure to include all the necessary information you can on social media. For example, have your phone number and, if possible, hours in the bio on your social media pages. Also, post content that will appeal to your target customer. If you know that a certain type of client patronizes your business, post content they’ll be attracted to, including links to your latest salon blog posts.


Buy Facebook Ads

In addition to being a good platform for showing photos and posting new salon specials, Facebook is also one of the easiest ad platforms to get into. You can run Facebook Ads for a small investment (really, just $5 a day!) and still target the people you think would be most interested in your business, like people located close to your salon or who like related Facebook pages. You can start small and see where it takes you, but remember to focus on targeting the types of people you think would benefit from your services.


Utilize Instagram

Instagram is a great place to showcase your salon’s work because it’s all visual. You know your stylists have been taking “insta-worthy” pictures of their work, so use the platform to highlight that. Do before and after shots of happy clients. Be sure to use hashtags to get your work seen. Keep up with trends and post about what continuing education your staff is completing. Instagram content is meant to be shared and reposted so also encourage your staff to repost and tag!


Try Twitter

While Twitter may not be your first go-to, it’s still beneficial for social media marketing for salons. Use this platform as an information source about your services and promotions. You can also use it to share pertinent beauty trend articles that your customers may be interested in. Whatever you can do to stay connected to your customers, potential clients, and the community at large is key.

Social media marketing for salons is a quick and cost-effective way of promoting your business! If you’re interested in learning more about social media ads, or even redesigning your current salon website, contact us!