When making improvements to your salon’s website, a big part of your SEO strategy should include building strong backlinks on your site. What exactly does this mean? Backlinks are links from other websites to your web pages or blog posts. Backlinks for salons are incredibly important for many reasons. They basically serve as a vote of confidence from one site to another; high-quality backlinks signal to search engines that other websites believe that your content is authentic and holds authority. Web authority is a huge part of achieving higher rankings on search engine results pages; Google doesn’t want to show websites to its users that won’t give the best information or don’t have high authority, and backlinks are one way to show Google that you have the best information that search engine users are looking for.

How To Build Good Backlinks for Your Salon

Reach out to other businesses in your community to inquire about getting a backlink for your site. Be sure that you present yourself as a valuable site to be linked to; developing content that is specifically relevant to them and providing additional resources or information about your business and what it is doing in the community are great ways to do so. Diligently working to build a relationship with the businesses in your area that promotes a mutually beneficial online relationship is another way to provide benefit for your website users and build natural backlinks. Adding a link on your site to another local business without expecting anything in return can result in a naturally occurring link back to your site. You can also contact the companies whose products you stock and use in your salon and see if they provide links to salons that carry their products. You can also link to those product sites so clients can get more information about the products that your stylists will be using during their time there.

Look Beyond Backlinks, Too

Backlinks are just one aspect of your SEO strategy. Make sure to build backlinks in conjunction with other SEO best practices. A good strategy means many parts working together, including having an easy-to-navigate website, creating good content that your audience wants to read, and having your web analytics in place so you can track how your website is performing. While backlinks for salons and their websites are very important, they’re not the only SEO tactic you’ll want to pay attention to.

Looking for more? As part of our monthly SEO services, we can assess the backlinks coming to your website and help you get other sites to link back to yours. That’s not all; our expert team of digital marketers can do wonders for your salon marketing strategy, whether you’re looking to create a whole new website for your salon, reach higher rankings on Google, or just promote your business on social media.

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