Your hair salon website is the face of your business on the internet and an important part of marketing yourself, as people will want to see what you offer before they walk in the door. It’s important to showcase the feeling, atmosphere, and expertise of your salon so that internet users get a good idea of what they’re signing up for when they schedule an appointment with you. Here are five elements your website must have if you’re looking to make the right first impression.

1. A thoughtful and easy-to-navigate design.

You want this to reflect the feel and experience you provide for your clients when they walk in the door of your salon. Is your salon upscale, with a sleek design? Is it a comforting and relaxing place to be? Align your website’s design with the aesthetic of your salon so that potential clients know what to expect when they walk in for their appointment.

2. Clear, easy-to-find contact info on every page.

If your audience can’t find contact information or an address, they won’t be able to schedule an appointment with your stylists. Be sure to include things like your salon’s phone number and email address on every page. But you’ll also need to make sure someone is monitoring the phones and the business email account in case any clients call or email with questions. The main purpose of your site is to drive your audience to book an appointment, so make it as easy on your users as possible to do that.

3. A services page with detailed menus of all the services you provide.

Include the price of each service so that clients know how much they’ll be spending at your salon before they even book an appointment. If your prices change, be sure to update them on the website. Keeping your services and prices up-to-date is an important way to keep your clients in the loop about what to expect in your salon.

4. A site that looks great and functions well on mobile devices.

More people than ever are using the internet from their mobile devices, meaning that your site needs to be optimized for mobile browsing. Sixty percent or more of all internet searches are performed from a mobile device; be sure that your website is up to snuff and runs smoothly on mobile devices.

5. Reviews and testimonials that highlight your service.

Potential clients want to know that they are in good hands at your salon, so including positive reviews is a great way to ease the minds of your audience. People want to know what they are in for before they schedule an appointment; they will get a better feel for the services you provide if they’re able to read detailed reviews from past customers.

 Hair salon websites are one of the first things potential customers look for when finding a new salon. Put your best foot forward online by creating a site with these five elements, and you’ll see your salon bustling with new business in no time! At Salon Search Party, we are experts at developing and designing hair salon websites, spa websites, and sites for barber shops. Check out our client portfolio and contact us today for a free marketing consultation!

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