One of the great things about specializing in salon websites is that we have a lot of data that tells us about user behavior and site traffic. We can tell how many people are using your site, what types of devices they are using, how they got there, and how long they’re spending on it. But one of the most interesting and actionable pieces of data we have is what pages people actually visit on salon websites.

Aside from the homepage, the most visited pages on salon websites are:


1. Services

Around 93 percent of people visiting a salon website go to the Services page. This page should include any service you offer from cuts and styles to waxes and nails. It may prove beneficial to offer rates for your services on this page, as well.


2. Contact

Again, about 93 percent of people will also visit the Contact page. The contact page is crucial. If a potential client has viewed your site and wants to ask questions or set up an appointment, you should have several forms of contact available for them to do so.


3. Team/Stylists

Eighty percent of visitors will review the Team/Stylists page to investigate who they can expect to receive services from at your salon. This is an excellent space to highlight your team’s experience.


4. Specials

If you have a Specials page, 60 percent of visitors will check it out to see what current promotions your salon is running. It’s key to keep these specials up to date!


5. Gallery

People love checking out pictures to know what to expect when they walk in. Around 47 percent of visitors will peruse a Gallery page. Use this page to feature recent work or a visual representation of the inside of your salon. Do you have an exceptional waiting area? Are your booths unique? Showcase that.

Be sure to include these pages on your website because they are the ones your users are looking for. As always, if you have any questions or need any help with your salon marketing reach out to our team of experts today!