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Salon Search Party was born when a team of experts in the industry wanted to make it simple, attainable and successful to open a salon. With one click now you can confidently open a new salon with resources and expertise that are unmatched in the industry. Not only do we have decades of national salon industry experience, we also have the product knowledge, a true understanding of the industry trends and the commitment to successfully work together to cut the ribbon and open the new salon door.

Whether you are looking to find a lease, build out a floor plan, design a website, purchase products, train your staff or enhance your social media, our services are endless. We have a network of nationally recognized salon stylists, owners and gurus in the industry ready to assist. There is no project too small and no dream unattainable.

With our vast salon knowledge, incredible success stories, connections, relationships, and ultimately a true passion for customer satisfaction, we are ready to help you create the salon of your dreams.

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What We Do

At Salon Search Party our process is efficient and tailored to meet your individual needs. Every project is unique, yet we all have the same goal in mind – to start a business with passion, success and love for our craft. Together we can make this happen. Call a Salon Concierge today and let’s get the party started!

Private Label

Be the brand! Start your own private label hair care line for your salon. Make professional products your clients will love.

Salon Consulting

Our network of award-winning salon owners and coaches can help you avoid mistakes while making your dreams a reality.

Salon Design & Furniture

Each salon is unique. From layout and flow to furniture selection, trust our team to make your salon vision a reality.

Graphic Design

Our logo and graphic design experts bring together art and style to help your salon stand out from the crowd.

Blog Posts

Get Your Salon Website to Rank Well in Local Search

Get Your Salon Website to Rank Well in Local Search

Your website is one of the most important assets of your salon. It allows you to showcase your business, your stylists' skills, the feeling and atmosphere of your salon, and provides all kinds of valuable information to your audience. A website is also crucial for...

3 Ways to Deliver a Great User Experience on Your Salon Website

3 Ways to Deliver a Great User Experience on Your Salon Website

Customer experience within your salon can make or break your business, but how often do you think about the experience your customers have on your website? Browsing your salon's site could be the first interaction they have with your brand, so make sure that you're...

Video Marketing for Your Salon

Video Marketing for Your Salon

If you find yourself wondering how to take your marketing to the next level, video marketing for your salon is a great way to get your name out there and showcase many aspects of your business. Video marketing is a great tool for many kinds of businesses; however,...

4 Ways to Keep Your Salon Website Fresh

4 Ways to Keep Your Salon Website Fresh

Making sure your salon is constantly bringing in new clients can feel like a struggle these days. Many prospective clients take to the internet to find the best place to get their next color treatment or blowout, so it's important to have a great website to draw in...

Salon Talk: What Pages Are People Visiting on Your Website?

Salon Talk: What Pages Are People Visiting on Your Website?

One of the great things about specializing in salon websites is that we have a lot of data that tells us about user behavior and site traffic. We can tell how many people are using your site, what types of devices they are using, how they got there, and how long...

How SEO Can Make Your Salon Website Go from Good to Fabulous

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what takes a salon website from nice-to-have to financially advantageous. Without it, potential customers will not be able to find you when they search for new salons in your area. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it is the process of...

5 Reasons Your Salon Needs an Updated Website

Many small business owners, especially salon owners, don’t believe they need a website, but that is absolutely NOT true! In fact, salons have the potential to have the most popular websites on the internet, especially if it has an active social media presence. Word of...

Mobile-friendly vs. Responsive Salon Web Design

As a salon owner, you’ve got plenty to think about. Most significantly, keeping your prime real estate—aka your salon chairs—at full occupancy. This, as you know, is not easy. You’ve held promotions, you’ve hosted open houses, you’ve advertised both in print and online. You’ve worked every angle on social media, gone to hair and bridal shows, listed you salon across the web, circulated digital and print coupons and more. But your salon and your talented stylists aren’t getting the attention they deserve. You’ve checked off every box on your marketing to-do list and have no clue as to what you should be doing that you aren’t.

Better Digital Marketing for Salons & Spas

Here at Results Repeat, we know a thing or two about search engine optimization. And, we know how to help businesses of all sizes claim—and maintain—their spot on the first page of Google and other search engines.

We’ll be the first to admit that SEO isn’t ‘rocket science’. However, there is a science to it, and as many business owners will tell you, experiments don’t always have positive results.

Because our mission is, quite bluntly, to save companies and organizations from bad marketing (and blown budgets), we are always seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to make good marketing accessible. So much so, that we often liken ourselves to Trader Joe’s, a company that successfully commoditized “affordability”.

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