We strive to provide high-value by creating affordable spa, barber shop and salon websites that don’t compromise design or functionality. One of the ways we reduce costs for you is by utilizing a state-of-the-art platform that simplifies the design process while retaining the ability to create websites that are uniquely yours.

We’ve developed these FAQs to help you decide which of our offerings is best for you.

website for salon frequently asked questions

Some of your competitors let me build my website myself for less. Why should I use you?

It costs a lot less to dye hair with a box kit rather than in a salon. Along the same lines, there are numerous Do It Yourself (DIY) website alternatives. Our solution is for clients who are busy managing the day-to-day operations of their businesses and don’t have the 5-10+ hours needed to learn how to use one of these systems and all the skills you need to create a website (e.g. photo editing). When you hire us, you know you will get a beautiful, contemporary website for your salon and it’s going to get done right. That’s not always the case with a DIY solution.

We designed Salon Search Party websites for salon owners and stylists with a small budget who see the value of professional guidance, expert level implementation and guaranteed results.

Do you develop custom websites?

Yes. We are a full-service website design company, and our team has developed and launched hundreds of websites. Our team can help your vision come to life with a fully custom website for your salon, spa or barber shop. We begin by creating a customized design and, then, delivering a turnkey solution that stays under your control.   Learn more about our custom websites on our salon website pricing page.

Can I transfer my budget website to a new hosting provider?

Yes, after 12 months, you can discontinue service and retain access to your budget website with the payment of a one-time transfer fee. We incur significant upfront costs to design your site. Rather than hit you with a big bill at once, we spread the cost out over monthly payments. You have the option to buy your website out, at any time, for a fair price. If you prefer, you can purchase your website upfront. Transfer fees are as follows:

*After the first 12 months for $500
*After 24 months $0

(Note, this is only for budget websites. There is no transfer fee for Salon Search Party’s custom websites.)

We will give your new hosting provider the access it needs to complete the transfer, but your new hosting provider will be responsible for transferring your site, and for all ongoing hosting, maintenance and updates thereafter.


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