Many small business owners, especially salon owners, don’t believe they need a website, but that is absolutely NOT true! In fact, salons have the potential to have the most popular websites on the internet, especially if it has an active social media presence. Word of mouth is a great advertiser but it wont keep your chairs full and your stylists paid. Having a website with social media presence is least expensive marketing you can do for the most reach, so let’s look at the 5 reasons your website should be updated and active.

If Your Website Is Outdated, Is Your Salon Outdated Too?

An outdated website or no website at all may make potential customers think you are outdated. Whether you’re avoiding the technology age altogether or you set up a website the day you opened and then never updated it, people who are looking for you wont be able to find much about you beyond Google MAPS and Yelp. This can cause people to avoid you as it gives the impression that you have no interest in change or updated things. If someone wants a trendy new hair cut, color, or technique they will be drawn to salons with a more up-to-date feel.

Lost in Transit

Often when businesses don’t keep an updated website, they also forget that they never updated their new location, phone numbers, and the names of the employees on their website. This can lead to frustration on your potential customer’s part. If they can’t find you, they are likely to give up quickly. You want to be easily accessible to your customers at all times. If you have a blog on your website that is updated weekly, then you can let your customers know about any new services, specials, or stylists in your salon.

Look What I Can Do

Also, if you have a blog on your website that is updated on a regular basis, you can post pictures of the most impressive styles your employees can do, events and sales you’re having, and tell about what kind of training your employees go through. This gives your clients insight into your abilities and ideas for what to ask for when they come to your salon. It also builds trust and a personal bond with people, which is essential to success!

Loyal Followers

With a website that is updated on a regular basis you have the potential to go viral! Be a leader in your industry by posting How-To videos and tutorials on your website. These can draw an audience from around the world that can be impressed at and learn from you, as well as making it a goal that when they are in your town, they will book an appointment. You will see exponential growth in your clientele once you have a loyal following, which will also mean exponential growth in your bank account!

Show You Care

Putting effort into all aspects of your business, including an online presence shows you care about your business and you want to be in your customers lives. Clients these days want a salon that wants their business, not a salon with a nose in the air, we-don’t-need-you attitude. Customer service is the number one reason people stay with any company and by having an updated website, you provide it at the highest level. Having pages on the website where people can submit questions , view your prices, and see which stylists to choose from will help people go from potential clients to loyal clients in a quick web-search.

Having a solid online presence is one of the best business moves you can make in today’s world, and you’re doing nothing but missing out on making more money by avoiding making that move. If you feel overwhelmed, please remember you don’t have to do it all by yourself! Make your salon shine in person and online by updating your website today with the help of Salon Search Party.