Customer experience within your salon can make or break your business, but how often do you think about the experience your customers have on your website? Browsing your salon’s site could be the first interaction they have with your brand, so make sure that you’re providing a great user experience for your audience right from the start. Salon website design is crucial in providing a good user experience, so here are some tips on how to deliver.


1. Choose a streamlined website design.

Users come to your site to find information quickly, so you’ll want a design that allows them to navigate the site quickly to find what they need. Whether they’re looking for your business hours, browsing your menu of services, or trying to book an appointment with one of your stylists, make sure that everything on your site is easily readable and accessible from the landing page.


2. Include content that answers your customers’ questions.

Where is your business located? What are the prices of all your services? Be sure that the answers your audience is looking for are readily available on your site. When your users get the information they’re looking for and feel welcome on your site, they will be more comfortable walking into your salon as well.


3. Offer multiple ways to contact the salon.

While it is important that your users have multiple ways to get in touch with you, it’s just as important that you keep up with all methods of contact on your end. If you provide a clickable phone number and email address, make sure someone is at the front desk or at the phones regularly who can answer questions from potential clients. If you have a plug-in on your site that helps you book appointments, make sure that they’re not overlapping with appointments taken in person or over the phone.

Taking all of these aspects into consideration can feel overwhelming if you try to design your own website. That’s where we come in; with an extensive website portfolio, Salon Search Party’s team of designers can help you achieve the website you’re looking for to help support and grow your salon business. Contact us today for a free consultation and get the salon website design you’ve always wanted!